Steve Noble

Steve Noble

I am an artist who works with natural objects and transforms them through a sculptural process using applied metals.

I have had a passionate interest in the natural world from an early age. The beauty that exists in a single leaf, a fallen branch, an exposed root formation or a decaying tree trunk provide me with the 'found objects' that I use to enhance the object's innate qualities.

The processes that I use to transform these natural objects are complex, and labour intensive. I have written a little more on what is involved in the ‘Process’ section of this website. The results of these processes is apparent to all who contemplate the finished pieces. The application of metal simultaneously reveals and masks the textural qualities of the host object, paradoxically allowing us to see the original more clearly through the metallic surface.

Crafted by nature, crystallised in metal.

I began my working life in Agriculture, until an accident forced me to give up this career. I then began working with my father, who owned a garage and vehicle repair shop, where I was happy to discover that I had a natural ability as a mechanic. I worked with my father in the garage for several years until a chance encounter with a client opened up the possibility for both myself and my father to found a business that specialised in working with metal.

The scope of this new business expanded as it grew to encompass industrial metal treatments and applications through to innovative work supporting Anthony Gormley in the creation of his large-scale sculptures.

Over a period of thirty years I have built this business into a successful commercial enterprise. During this time I perfected the processes that I use in my art. I have created artwork throughout my business career, but the demands of the business meant that until recently my art has had to remain a private passion.

Now I am able to focus all of my time into exploring nature through my art. My work is exhibited at shows and events throughout the year. Forthcoming locations and venues are posted on this website in the Blog section. Follow the Blog, and my social media feeds to stay informed.

I am happy to consider commissions, and to discuss my work. Please get in touch via the 'Contact' section of this site.